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Most people are pretty skeptical. 

Are you cautiously optimistic?

What my program is

A 25 year old successful, predictable, reliable and easily duplicated process.

Proven strategies provide you a step-by-step action plan to produce results.

World class training replacing worry and financial anxiety with confidence and results.

I will be guiding you along the way!

What my program is NOT

Something similar to what you might hear on a late night infomercial.

An article you read about in a self-help book from a know-it all-guru who has only written about the concept.

A metaphysical "law of attraction" scheme where you do not have to work process.

I have done what I am claiming you can do. I can teach you how!

I can show you how to dramatically increase your income and secure your financial future, wouldn't that be worth $500 dollars to you?

Want to work with me? 

Place take a moment and listen to the requirements! 

Questions on becoming a DIRECT SALES consultant?

What do direct sales consultants make?

What are the time requirements?

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Job Skills and Requirements

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How do I apply?

$27,679 in bonuses when you join!

*exclusively to members that join Barry's team*

One-on-One Coaching

I have a high level of expertise in managing and leading sales organizations, as well as, defining culture and brand development. I have managed and developed sales organizations documenting over $500 million in sales. Developed an international organization that achieved $130 million in sales in seven years in the direct selling industry. Exceeded $400 million in sales in twelve years as co-founder and President/CEO of Ameri Sciences. Recently launched largest international MLM company in Nigeria!

You will get my time, attention and cooperation! We meet either at my house, the corporate office, via phone, text or email. We customize a plan specific for you to meet your goals to help you grow your business and monetize your time.

You will have direct access to me. I will be your personal business coach! I will also coordinate and integrate you with the Zurvita executives and leadership. You will be well supported.

Barry Cocheu

Members Only Training 

Exclusive insider peek of a training session!

You will have access to my training network including Brad Murray and other leaders. Also, you will have access to my archives of never before published content including audio/video training and tools to help you develop and grow your business. All of this along with weekly training via webinars, email and phone! I will map out your exact path.

Product Launch Secrets

You will get my "Product Launch Secrets" and Fast Start Guide discussing:

  1. Launching your business like a Pro 
  2. When, Why, and How to prospect effectively
  3. Strategies to engage your warm market
  4. All email, phone, text and social scripts to create instant sales- "Pure Gold"
  5. Creating massive duplication, and more!


1. Make the Decision to Join!

2. Enroll in our program

3.  Schedule call with Barry Cocheu

( I will be emailing you directly after you have enrolled. )

YES! I want to become a member of the Barry Cocheu Pro Team today  for $500 dollars and start receiving training directly from Barry! I understand I will receive:

    • Direct Access to Barry Cocheu: I will get help I need, a chance to ask my questions first hand, and a plan to jump start my business.
  • Members Only Training: I will have World Class Sales Training provided to me. Live, Group, One-on-One and Pre-Recorded.
  • "Product Launch Secrets" that has made Barry millions of dollars.  Barry will share ALL and help me implement it for myself!

You will also Recieve:

    • Success On Demand - a premium digital subscription to Success Magazine.
    • Bi weekly online presentations for prospective customers and consultants
    • Weekly live training webinars with Barry, Brad, and other Team Leaders
    • Zurvita Business Center - here you will be able to access Zurvita tools, video library and all your organization information.
    • Team support via email, phone, three way calls, Facebook groups/messaging
    • 24/7 pre-recorded webinars for those prospects with difficult schedules
    • ZMobile App - here you can text Zurvita videos and send individual or group texts to your team and prospective clients.

*Depending on your enrollment it could cost up to $619*



All first time orders of Zeal Wellness canisters come with a 30-Day money back guarantee. This does not include the Weight Management Program products (Zurvita Protein, Zurvita Burn, and Zurvita Cleanse).

As a customer, if for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your experience with Zeal, simply contact the Zurvita and we will refund the purchase price of your product, less any shipping or handling costs.

Independent Consultants seeking a refund please contact Customer Service.

1-844-ZURVITA (844-987-8482)